Completion of restoration of small scale coastal site at Inwadar

The Inwadar project was implemented in line with one of the recommendations put forward in the management plan brief, by the Inwadar Governance Board (the Board) set up by virtue of LN343 of 2016 . This project consisted of a small scale restoration of a coastal site in the area of San Anard within the […]

Tħawwil ta’ siġar fil-Masġar ta’ San Anard

Wara li tlestiet il-fażi ta' tindif f'parti mill-masġar ta' San Anard, ingħata l-bidu ta' tħawwil ta' siġar u arbuxelli f' Ġunju 2021. F'attivit...

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3G monitoring CCTV in operation

The Inwadar National Park is now under surveillance following the recent installation of a number of 3G Solar CCTVs. These waterproof cameras have the...

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A series of park clean-ups adds to nine hundred tons of waste removed

For the last forty years the Inwadar National Park was subject to the systematic illegal dumping of thousands of tons of inert material, mainly aggreg...

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