About The Park

The Inwadar National Park was founded by the Maltese government through a legal notice in October 2016 (L.N. 343 of 2016) and is located alongst the south-eastern coastline between Marsaskala, Żabbar and Xgħajra. It is mainly a coastal park, with distinctive natural features of significance. It presents a symbiotic existence between the arable lands on higher grounds, and the marine garigue on the coastal areas and is the second largest national park in Malta, covering an area of 0.955km.


Since there are continious stretches of natural cliff-sides, especially by the Il-Ġolf il-Kbir, Il-Ġolf tat-Tafal and Il-Ġolf l-Iswed, one has to walk with caution, staying clear from the edge. There are no fences or barriers.  Sections of the tracks are over rough, natural rock, and extreme care is needed. Strong walking shoes are recommended. The Governance Board is not liable to any damage, loss of belongings or injury incurred within the park.