Completion of restoration of small scale coastal site at Inwadar

EAFRD co-financing

The Inwadar project was implemented in line with one of the recommendations put forward in the management plan brief, by the Inwadar Governance Board (the Board) set up by virtue of LN343 of 2016 . This project consisted of a small scale restoration of a coastal site in the area of San Anard within the Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar. Restoration actions included the removal of dumped material and removal of rubble. A feasibility study was carried out to establish a plan for the site which identified reference ecosystem characteristics and carried out during the dry and wet seasons.

This study covered the site with an area of 4000m2 and the adjacent coastal habitats (approximately 600m length of coast). A plan for the site was also established through a method statement for the ecological restoration including description of the ecology of the site and surroundings, description of proposed works including  removal of inert debris and finishing waste from the site. The project also included the reconstruction of a rubble wall of one of the agricultural holdings in the site that is located on the coastal passageway with a total volume of 200.96m3. 
The restoration actions included in this project function as an experimental pilot and demonstration action yielded results and lessons that can be applied to the entire park. Such actions also contributed to a direct positive impact on the environment, by enhancing the environmental value of rural assets and elements of the agricultural landscape.
This project was co-financed through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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