3G monitoring CCTV in operation

The Inwadar National Park is now under surveillance following the recent installation of a number of 3G Solar CCTVs. These waterproof cameras have the ability of 360° panning, vehicular tracing through automatic zooming, include night vision, are solar powered and of remote access with stored data on high definition.

Fly-tipping in areas notorious for dumping is now a thing of the past, although the challenge of  small scale littering in parts of the coastal stretch still persists, albeit minutely.

We are driven with our commitment to keep monitoring the park, both in order to increase the enjoyment of park visitors and also for the protection of the flora and fauna that shall be allowed to regenerate without unwarranted hindrance.  

Arti fil-Park – Tlettax -il artist jesebixxu sitta u tletin xogħol li tpittru fil-Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar

Intemmet b'suċċess l-attivita' Arti fil-Park 21. Matul is-Sajf tal-2021 tlettax -il artista bbażati f'Malta pittru fil-beraħ għadd ta' xogħ...

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Completion of restoration of small scale coastal site at Inwadar

EAFRD co-financing The Inwadar project was implemented in line with one of the recommendations put forward in the management plan brief, b...

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Tħawwil ta’ siġar fil-Masġar ta’ San Anard

Wara li tlestiet il-fażi ta' tindif f'parti mill-masġar ta' San Anard, ingħata l-bidu ta' tħawwil ta' siġar u arbuxelli f' Ġunju 2021. F'attivit...

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